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Chittagong Adventures: 4 Exciting Activities to Try

Published: April 11, 2023

On my recent trip to Bangladesh (via Dhaka from Sydney, back in February 2023) I decided to visit Chittagong, the country’s second-largest city. Located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chittagong is known for its port and fishing industry, which is a common livelihood for the people living along the coastal line. Consequently, different types of fish being a popular goods for sale, it became a common delicacy; dried or fresh it’s famous among the inhabitants of Chittagong. While there I stayed mostly within the vicinity of the city area and here are four activities that you can try out if you happen to visit the port city of Chittagong.

However, there are many other activities which I am not going to specify here leaving it up to the reader’s imagination or anticipation for the next part of the story. Overall, it’s a great place with a bustling city by the sea, having a strong connection to its maritime and fishing heritage.

1. Spending an afternoon around DC Hill Park (District Commissioner’s Bungalow): DC Hill Park (ডিসি হিল পার্ক) is a place where most of the cultural activities take place. I went there on the Valentine’s Day (14th of February). In Bangladesh this day is also celebrated for Spring festival and hence, many people especially the younger generation would be seen wearing colorful attire such as saree and panjabi to celebrate this day. Nonetheless, on any other day of the year you would see lots of people would go there to casually meet others and spending hours gossiping in leisurely mood.

2. Venture into the crowded hawker’s market and the Chittagong railway station:

This is main bazaar (bazar) of Chittagong where you can find many locals gathering to purchase their daily necessities, mainly groceries. The vendors display their items, ranging from fresh meat to fish and vegetables, all at affordable prices. However, due to the high density of people, hygiene can be a concern.

What I found fascinating about this bazaar is the variety of spices and nuts available, also sold at cheap prices. If you’re a fan of spices and nuts, this is the place to buy them. However, keep in mind that airline restrictions and biosecurity regulations enforced at immigration checkpoints should be considered. I brought 5kg of various spices and herbs back to Australia with me without any issues. Just remember to declare them (within Incoming Passenger Card (IPC)) at the port of entry, such as the Sydney airport.

3. Try some sweets at Shadhu’s Misti Vandar or Bose brothers:

Misti or sweets is another very interesting item that is widely popular in Chittagong. You can try both located near Sadarghat Kali Temple (it’s only some ten-fifteen (10-15) mins walk from the Hawker’s Market/new Market mentioned above).

What I liked about these sweets from Shadus Misti (সাধুর মিস্টি) is that they are cooked fresh and served warm. If you visit later in the afternoon or early evening, you would be able to get from the newly cooked batch.

For Bose Brothers (বোস ব্রাদার্স) I recommend trying the “pera” (পেরা smaller dried sweets made of mostly mild solids)

4. Walk around Kazir Dewri Circle to Lalkhan Bazar to enjoy some culturally enriched graffiti art:

If you are looking for a way to indulge your artistic side and want to get out of the house, taking a stroll along the footpath starting from either Lalkhan Bazar or Kazir Dewri is a simple yet enjoyable activity. You will come across some eye-catching graffiti art painted on the boundary walls that are sure to evoke different emotions within you, ranging from joy to sadness. Some of these paintings are based on the theme of the liberation war of 1971, when Bangladesh gained independence at the cost of 3 million lives.

This place and its surrounding areas are also a great spot to take some pictures. The nearby Radisson Blu (রেডিসন ব্লু) hotel is just a stone’s throw away, so if you are staying there, you will find this place even more appealing. Additionally, there are several eateries located along the same footpath that serve street-style food. However, you should be aware of its hygiene standards. Nonetheless, this short walk is an interesting and enjoyable morning or evening activity.

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