An adventure of meeting 100 Strangers

100 Strangers

"When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I'd like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph."

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Human expressions captivate me. I love portrait photography. I just love it. 

I also have a plan to organize a photo exhibition where I would showcase some of my best work featuring Australian culture, its people and their way of life.

I don’t have any donors or sponsors at this moment. Just out of passion I have undertaken this project. And I want to keep my blog completely free and open and without ads for better user experience.

I will greatly appreciate if you can chip in, but not everyone can do it and that’s absolutely okay. And in that please share the story to your circle so others can.

Here You can donate via paypal

And If you want to fund raise, here is the GoFundMeLink

So please share my work and help me travel to the furthest corner of this country to reach out to the people of all walks of life.

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100 Strangers, 100 Personalities, 100 Stories

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