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welcome to yet another episode

Published: January 18, 2022

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all doing great. It’s been a while since my last contribution and despite hesitancy over COVID fears I still wanted to do some shooting as it’s been long overdue. Fortunately, it was a wonderful day in Sydney and hence I decided to go to the CBD to find someone for my project. After cruising through the George St and finding it empty, I was starting to be skeptical of my prospects of meeting someone and with that initial impression I decided to go to the nearby Hyde Park – couple of blocks away – as sometimes people go there during lunch time for some fresh air and a change.

As I was walking by, I saw someone sitting on a bench in a distance wearing a red dress which immediately caught my attention as it definitely popped against the backdrop of greenery and dark brown colors of the bench. I then noticed she was also having a snack. As such, I was initially unsure of going up to her as she was eating at that time.

I hesitated for a moment. Consequently, at one point, I was thinking not to approach, and in fact, I went up the path quite a bit leaving her behind. But then I walked back and made my way up to her as she was still having some food. To my surprise however, she was very open and friendly to my approach and asked if I would be selling her something, which by the way amused me a bit. Approaching strangers can be quite daunting but with that initial friendly exchange I felt relaxed – at least a little bit. I assured her of having no such intension and as I explained the whole affair she consented with a big smile.

So, here is our gorgeous Kiah. As I came closer, I noticed how all the different colors matched each other along with the color of that plastic bag she was using, to carry her food; all having a red theme – vibrant red. Among many others, red symbolizes life, health, vigor, war, courage, anger, and even love as well as lust. Although, it didn’t appear to my mind at that time as to why she chose that color – partly because I was nervous – I liked her choice of that color, nonetheless. After setting up my camera and taking a bunch of photos of her we talked about a whole lot of different things – my background, project and my work.

These days people are more into phones than books and as she was reading a book, it was something worth talking about – I thought.

Being a lover of reading books myself, I couldn’t help asking what book she was reading at the time, and she mentioned that book was about subconscious thoughts and how it changes people. It is, however, an interesting subject in phycology which I enjoyed a lot in the past. Out of that conversation she pointed out, at her age of fifteen (15) she was living in Papua Niugini with her dad which was one of the most dangerous places to live back then, and how that experience alone shaped her personality later. She described how she became appreciative and thankful for living in Australia after such experience in her formative years. And despite the fortunes of living here in Australia how that experience helped her to empathize with people living elsewhere in less desirable conditions.

Thank you, Kiah, for being part of my project. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you and last but not the least, I totally liked that elegant “thy-majesty” (lol) looks that you had at that time. Wish you all the best and who knows we might come across again and have another round of discussion on phycology and life in general.

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