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welcome to yet another episode

Published: January 19, 2022

It was a wonderfully bright sunny day, and I was standing at the footpath adjacent to the cathedral near Townhall at Sydney CBD while I saw her walking in front of me with some drinks on her hand wearing a white mask. What caught my eye was her orange-colored hair against her fair skin tones. I immediately switched to my strangers’ approach autopilot mode and waved my hands to get her attention. As I explained the project and shared the details of it on my phone she consented to participate. We walked up to a wall next to a nearby building (i.e., the cathedral) and took a couple of shots standing in front.

During our conversation she mentioned of her Singaporean and Vietnamese ancestry and her love for sewing as a hobby. She once wanted to make costumes as anime and cosplay intrigues her – she pointed out. Interestingly, all the “Nicole”s that I happen to know so far, had a “H” in their names. So, when I was spelling out her name to get it right, she quickly corrected me by pointing out that her name is spelled without that “H” which amused me a bit.

I joked about my short memory and my choice of studying a boring subject like computer science during this discourse although I can’t remember exactly why. To my surprise however, she mentioned of her being a student of computer science too and currently being on her last year of study. We laughed about some difficult subjects that are part of the curriculum of Computer Science and how I hated them all while studying them during my uni. Before departing she mentioned that on her spare time, she explores her creative side making designs with the sewing machine.

Thank you, Nicole, for being part of my project.

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