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welcome to yet another episode

Published: January 20, 2022

I had just finished my work for the day, and it was however, somewhat rainy as I stepped out of my workplace and yet, I still decided to go to the CBD for something interesting. On my way I noticed someone across the street near the Queen Victoria Building, as I was waiting for the traffic lights to go amber. I thought for a moment to make an approach but eventually decided not to; for two reasons. She was next to a very busy stop and was also smoking. For some reason I have hard times with that smell, so I decided to move on.

Then I was walking and walking and walking up and down the streets of CBD for how long – I really don’t know. But I was a bit exhausted. And after at least an hour or so walking like this and failing to spot someone intriguing, I was passing near Martin Place and was leaning against the fences of a pop-up tree on the side of the footpath. Furthermore, I was thinking to sit down on a bench next to the footpath however, since there were fresh rains, and all the benches were wet, it was not an option. So, I had to lean against the fences. A bit tired out of walking for long and a bit distracted as well, I was looking at the horizon at that moment. Suddenly, I noticed her walking past right in front of me along with her friend.  It was hard not to look at her because of her very different looks – unique, eccentric, and intriguing – to say the least and I had no choice but to stop her right there without any delay whatsoever.

So, here is Natalia and her friend Maddy. After a brief exchange and sharing the information about the project, I asked if she would like to participate, and she happily consented. At the time as I was taking her photos, I almost forgot to put the right setting on my camera as I was getting distracted over and over by the looks on her face.

One thing that certainly caught my attention was the colors on her face and then the blades as the earrings and the cross – not one but two. I had a hunch it was something relating to Catholicism. I couldn’t hold my curiosity and since I am not very familiar, I couldn’t help asking if she an orthodox catholic. She mentioned – to my surprise though – that she isn’t.

Out of that response – and adding to my curiosity – I kept asking random questions. I wanted to get to know her and to figure out as to what inspired her of dressing this way. She mentioned of something called alternative culture – some band names. It seems like she a huge fan of music as she gave me the names of some of those bands – The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, Skeletal Family, Siouxsie and the banshees. Although I have never heard those names before, I looked them up later and listened to a few songs as well – gothic rock and punk – a genre that has a great popularity.  

Natalia is born in Poland and been in Sydney since she is seven (7). Her favorite activity is to spend time with Maddy – her best friend. Both shares a good deal of great memories together and are looking forward to joining a concert next year.

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