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welcome to yet another episode

Published: January 27, 2022

Australia day at Circular Quay and unlimited funfest at The Rocks Market. It was an excellent day for photo enthusiasts and a wonderful day for everyone to enjoy the bright sunny outdoors along with its festive vibe and fun events. Thousands gathered near Circular Quay and The Rocks to make the place a colorful mixture of fun, joy and celebration. Walking all the way from Darling Harbour, I went to The Rocks to watch the Australia Day celebration and be part of it. As I was walking along the Rocks market, I spotted this shop selling yummy foods. I noticed Simon first and as the shop was not very busy, I went up to him and asked if it would be okay to take pictures. Friendly Simon welcomed my gesture with a lovely smile on his face. And after informing him of the project I asked if he would like to participate.

As our conversation went on, he mentioned of the different recipes he cooked, his Spanish heritage and the last six years of his time in the food business. He also introduced me to his lovely partner – Esther, and how they have been together for the last twenty-six (26) years.

They own this shop called La Gitana. It took me a few seconds to pronounce the name in my broken Spanish. Esther started smiling after I began pronouncing the name LaaaGGiiiTaaaNaaa – in slomo – as she handed me over the business card where the name was written.

Coming from South Asian background, although I have a fair bit of inclination to all kinds of foods that are spicy and savory, I couldn’t taste all those recipes unfortunately, being on a strict diet.  Esther persisted that I try, however, I had to turn down her offer despite the rich smells of those mouthwatering delicacies. “Perhaps on a different day” – I thought.

Although relatively new to Australian life compared to that of Esther’s who was born in Australia, Simon got his citizenship several months back to finally call Australia home.

Thank you, Simon and Esther, for being part of my project and I wish you all the best in your venture.

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