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welcome to yet another episode

Published: February 16, 2022

It was a wonderful day here in Sydney and since it was my day off, I decided to head to the CBD for some photoshoot. I came about the lunch time near Townhall. It was full during those hours, and I approached some people over there but unfortunately, they were all busy. When I mentioned the word “project” – some of them actually even smiled – slyly – before walking off. There I noticed her in the corner making some dance moves and recoding it on her phone. Tiktok videos – I thought. So, I patiently waited for her to finish. But an hour has gone by and after approaching a bunch of other people and failing to get them to come along, I finally approach her and explained this project.

She was hesitant at first and at that point I told her how wonderful she would look in this bright sunny day for her fair skin tones and beautiful dress – that she will get lots of likes on Facebook (lol – yes, I actually said that) and asked if she could give me only five minutes.

Still hesitant and me being persistent she somehow agreed. It was a very brief interaction for about five (5) to ten (10) minutes or so. And during our conversation she mentioned of her love for shopping in her spare time. Furthermore, she also enjoys going on a walk with her husband sometimes apart from making videos for Instagram, she added. Her name is Battsetseg (not sure though if it’s actually a real name)

That’s all I could know about her, but we exchanged emails so if I get to know her real name I might come and update this thread.

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