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Published: April 11, 2023

The Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 fleet operates in three configurations – Medium Haul, Long Haul and Ultra Long Range. However, I will be reviewing the Medium Haul flights in this page.

Medium Haul aircrafts have a huge number of seating accommodation for up to 303 people.  It is important to note that there is no premium economy class for the Medium Haul configurations. Consequently, all the pictures and experiences are related to the economy class.

So, today I am going to explore three main areas of these Medium Haul flights: a) seating comfort and legroom, b) food and beverage services and c) inflight entertainment.

I was flying from Sydney (Australia) to Dhaka (Bangladesh) and returned via the same Singapore airline flights. And on my journey back I took a forward zone seating which were placed right behind the business class. Because of their proximity to the exit, the forward zone seating costed me some extra depending on the distance that I travelled. For instance, for Dhaka to Singapore (which was around 4 hours flight) the cost was AUD 29.10 while for Singapore to Sydney (which is about 8 hours flight) the cost was AUD 36.40

So, I spent a total of AUD 65.50 while I was flying back as I choose one of those forward zone seats.

Tip: If you are travelling in the economy class you would be better off NOT taking up a forward zone seat (located at rows 41 to 47) as its going to cost you extra (unless you hold KrisFlyer Elite Gold or PPS status). On the other hand, while exiting the flight, the proximity of those seats to the exit may save you some time. However, in terms of seats, comfort, and all other amenities, they are identical to the regular economy class. (Economy Lite and Economy Standard).

a) Seating comfort and legroom: So now, let’s talk about the legroom and seating comfort in economy class. While stowage there is not permitted during takeoff and landing, once in flight it’s a very useful place to have your bag in easy reach throughout the journey.

The footwell and stowage directly beneath seemed to me rather adequate. However, I placed my bag in the overhead compartment which can easily hold smaller carry-on luggage. In addition, the literature pocket is also a more useful flat shape for stowing your own belongings. I put some smaller electronic items such as headphone cables, memory disks, mobile charger etc. in a zip-lock plastic bag which I used throughout the trip.

Now let’s a look at the seat map. This map can be found at Singapore Airlines Website.

Best (and Worst) Seats

If you prefer extra legroom, then you can choose one of these seats such as 55B/C/H/J and 56A/K positions. However, it’s going to cost you extra depending on your reward status.

Consequently, if you prefer early alight then choosing a seat from right behind the forward zone is your best option. Alternatively, if you are travelling alone or with a friend you might as well try 69B/C and 70B/C, right at the end. Sometimes, if the cabin is not running full capacity on that trip, people would try not to book these seats as these are the very last ones in the cabin. And hence, if you’re traveling alone, you might as well get lucky to get both seats for yourself.

Tip: The only disadvantage I can think of while taking a back seat in the cabin is you might be served for food as the very last. However, you can definitely speak to the waitresses beforehand about this issue to avoid such inconveniences.


Worst Seats

In terms of bassinets, 4 of the 5 available in this cabin are located at row 41 (directly behind the last row of Business Class), with the remaining single bassinet at seat 55G. There could be some additional disturbance near these seats on flights with an infant travelling.

A large bank of four toilets (the middle toilet depicted is actually two) is located behind row 54, and all passengers from the forward zone Economy Class would be walking back to this area to use these toilets, resulting in an increased foot traffic and noise around this area.

Tip: It’s a good idea check in online or even better turning on auto check-in via the Singapore airline app choosing your preferred seats well in advance to get the most options for the available seats.

b) Food and beverages, Customer service, and cleanliness:

The food is served usually twice – one proper meal and another as morning or afternoon snacks. The meal is served hot wrapped in aluminum foil which I liked. The quantity is small however, you can always ask for a second one based on the available options.

Beverages are provided all times during the flight, and usually you would have a wide range of items to choose from – Apple juice, orange juice, beer, wine etc.

In terms of customer service and cleanliness the cabin was very clean and hygienic and while on board I haven’t noticed any foul smell or other inconveniences. Furthermore, the waitresses were found walking along very frequently. Hence, anytime during your journey you can ask them to serve you with some drinks.

c) In-flight Entertainment: Although I am not a movie junkie or an aficionado of the current blockbuster hits or worst – a cinephilia, staying in a plane for a prolonged period will definitely make you tempted to play some videos in the screen right in front of you! If you have a laptop, it might be a different story altogether however, for me that screen was the only option.

But what I was hoping to know is whether the display can be loaded with material from an external memory card. It turned out, however, that the list was already populated and that no external media files could be played. Even though it was initially disappointing, I have to confess that the collection of free movies provided by SIA (free of any charge whatsoever) is more than sufficient. I should also mention that if you’re enjoying music videos, on the other side, you might become a little frustrated.

Additionally, the USB port is convenient for charging your phone, and there is also a US standard three-pin socket available for charging your laptop with the appropriate adapter, which is a useful feature.

Tip: Apart from the free list of movies you can also use Wi-Fi to load your favorite media from the internet. You can use inflight Wi-Fi for free based on your reward status however, I won’t necessarily recommend it if you have to pay extras to purchase it. The prices are exponential, and it will only provide you with limited access based on your package.

Book your perfect flight for Sydney to Dhaka now:
Book your perfect flight for Sydney to Dhaka now:

Conclusion/Value for money:

Stripped off all the extras and in-flight purchases, if you simply book an economy class return flight with Singapore Airlines, it’s definitely a good value for money. I paid some 11,00 AUD for a return trip and I booked my flight three to four months prior to my planned date of journey and based on my experience I would say it’s definitely worth the price.

Tip: Choosing a date during off-peak season (for instance, by the end of January or throughout February or March) and booking a flight well in advance some three to four months prior to your actual journey date, would give you the biggest bang for your buck.

As a side comment, I had a stopover at Singapore Changi Airport and had to walk quite a distance from one terminal to another to board my connecting flight. Along the way, I came across a coffee shop called Bacha that caught my attention. I couldn’t resist trying a slice of cake that I found very appealing.

Some very important information about return flight (departure):

Significant Delays at Dhaka Airport:

I have included this information because it is important to inform my viewers, even though it is unrelated to SIA. When I returned via Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, I encountered a large crowd at the entrance to the terminal and a lengthy wait during the luggage check-in process, which caused me to wait for over an hour. Additionally, I experienced another significant wait during the immigration process for departure, and as a result, I almost missed my flight. I had to ask multiple immigration officers to expedite the process and explain the urgency of my situation, and I was able to move forward in the queue thanks to the kindness of other waiting passengers. To avoid similar issues, I recommend that you allow for at least four to five hours from your scheduled departure time when traveling through Dhaka airport.


So, ready for your next adventure to Bangladesh?

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