Street Photography Is Capturing The Beauty In Mundane

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Visual art has been prevalent for millenniums although we have stared to see its majestic beauty only in the last few decades primarily because of street photography and social media presence. And pottery has been an interesting element of that visual art which helped create magnificent marbles even without much technology and only through people’s passion and persistence

In the digital world street and candid photography has became much more sophisticated as the versatility of the equipment and the superior technology to enhance the outcome of the photo has made it possible to capture the best moments of life in a way that was hardly imaginable before. However, the skills to capture the beauty in mundane remains as an artistic pursuit today just as it was fifty or hundred years ago.

Contemporary art form such as street photography can very easily capture the essence of living in a busy urban area where life goes on in full throttle non-stop for hours. It’s the beauty in mundane. Even, some festivals can be quiet interesting such as holi festival or new year celebrations

For some artists color is the essential part while others consider black and white when it comes to capturing the essence of street photography. Either way, as an artist its more important to have a connection with the photo rather than its technical aspects.

Street Photography Is Capturing The Raw Energy Of Life

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Digital Art And Society




Street photography has been a great tool for decreasing inequality and promoting social justice. Although people have been much creative lately to address those issues via protest and demonstration, raising awareness etc. its still a challenge to bring about the changes that the world needs. On the other hand, pottery and sculpture has had significant impact on shaping our views of life and bringing those changes into practice. However, due to industrialisation this form of art via clay and mud is losing its viability as a means of livelihood. The question is will it be completely lost??



One of the direct consequences of overpopulation is poverty and due to poverty many children often fell victim to child-labor and exploitation. Sometimes they get trapped into the dark territory of drugs and other substance abuse. Street photography and social media can be an effective tool to bring awareness to masses to curb these issues.


Working Woman

Women empowerment has been the focus of the last fifty or so years and its results are fairly obvious. Women are now into the workforce more than ever before. Even they are opting into business of their own and it has helped them gain higher self-esteem in many parts of the world. Consequently, they are becoming a dominating factor in the economy.



Overpopulation is one of the social issues that we are facing world-wide and its global impact is far reaching. It impacts people health, wealth and wellbeing. Although due to modern technology and information availability people are more and more aware of its negative effects still there are so much more that needs to be done to guarantee a better future.



Wasteland filled with polluting substances has been a major social issue due to its importance and urgency. We have seen how our rivers got dried up due to access waste being pilled up and lack of proper waste management. It results in poor health and causes impediment for maintaining a sustainable environment.



Many children experience trauma and financial hardship in many parts of the world. And due to the availability of video games and different types of gadgets more and more children are feeling isolated and lonely and due to rapid urbanisation we are also experiencing lacking of adequate open spaces for children to use it as their playground. However, in the midst of industrialisation and poor planning its quiet refreshing to see our children gathering around and enjoying themselves.

“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.”
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