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About Me

More than a decade ago – back in 2008 – I read a book by a famous author Jonathan Haidt – Happiness Hypothesis. It was all about finding happiness for wellbeing and joy in life. One element of this journey to happiness was doing – finding passion – doing something that you love and enjoy. Much later I realised it was about becoming the best self that you can be while contributing to the world – bringing your unique gift.

Few years later however, I went into another episode of life – an episode of severe depression. I was totally unable to control some of those emotions that I felt deeply vulnerable to. At that point, To make matters worse,  I was even considering doing something extreme. I was unable to manage stress and I had no clue back then it was because of my feeling empty inside. However, as a short-term solution I downloaded some relaxation music from the internet and wanted to do meditation. It helped me manage my stress better. My symptoms alleviated a bit but I fell right back into the pit once more when I couldn’t maintain my schedule of regular meditation. Once I missed a few days of meditation my stress level went up again.

And this time managing my stress was very difficult and my symptoms stayed for a longer period. I went to several doctors, moved to a new country and tried to do everything from scratch. It was a tough journey. But surely I missed the whole point – doing. Doing something – contributing to others. All those doctors that I visited, self-help motivation books that I read and other activities that I was doing to improve the quality of my life came to a halt and I had to reinvent the wheel. It donned on me for the first time that there is more to life than just the rat race and living all for oneself. I wanted to do something – something for others – finding a passion. I took up my camera and did a project – 100 strangers. Going into the street and meeting new people, taking their photos and putting their stories online and making them friend for life. I tried to find a passion, I wanted to celebrate the joy and happiness in life. A decade on its still my only mission – managing stress and be happy – to find out what life has to offer. Fortunately, I found my passion in learning and growing and the more I advance the sweeter it gets.

My Passion


Expressing myself though creative means always fascinated me during my early childhood. Back then I used to write poems occasionally. Although now I have mixed feelings about those days and later on I’ve often drifted into the rat race far too often forgetting my unique gift to the world and that was the main reason I created this blog to express those feelings that I for many years couldn’t get in touch with.

Finally, the opportunity came during covid-19. When the whole world was taking things slow and reflecting – I did the exact same and thought to myself “let’s do it”.  It seemed challenging at first but slowly and surely I discovered my other-self in a new light.


Besides blogging and reading books, photography is one of my most favourite pastimes. It gave me a lot – friendship, experience, awesome memories, social skills to name a few. On top, it helped me immensely to come out of my shells; it gave me courage to talk to random people on the street!

Being introverted since childhood and spending time in front of a computer screen throughout most of my early teenage life and late into my twenties, I owe every bit of my social skills to photography! But the most important of all is it gave me happiness – being creative and getting in touch with my true self.

Working My Day Job

I met many interesting characters through my day job in customer service and IT over the last few years. Some memories I still find very inspiring while others I miss a lot. But I look into the future for what it has to offer. Friendship though the excuse of a professional interaction and having a fun time – the journey was well worth it and I am definitely looking forward to getting the most out of it in upcoming days. Although I love human interactions more than anything else, my future plan however, is to completely quit my day job altogether and be a blogger and a vlogger to take my passion for serving customers to a new level. In addition, I am up for a laugh – a chat with a fellow citizen and making them my friends.

When I started my photography back in 2010, I did a project named 100 strangers to meet new people. Not to mention, being an introvert, I learned a lot. This project was all about meeting new people in real life and sharing their stories to the rest of the world. It’s a fascinating experience and you can read more about the project in this link. One of my goals in life is to publish 100 stories in my blog in here and taking it as far as I can upto a thousand and more.

If you’re interested to be part of my project you’re more than welcome. I would absolutely love to put your stories here and feel myself honoured to be at your service. All you have to do is to shoot me an email and I will organize a meeting with you and will do the rest for you.


I love to explore my surroundings. I am not a huge fan of traveling around the world as I am an introvert. But for me although I absolutely love crazy adventures I also love taking things slow – walking in my neighbourhood park is  something that gives me joy and happiness and sometimes I go for a long-drive and enjoy the beauties of nature to my heart’s content. Either way – near and far – when it comes to exploring it touches a primal cord in my being – I am up for it.


I can’t remember how I got into meditation but as of September 2022 its almost three year and a half I am doing this meditation and yoga on a regular basis and it brought immense pleasure and joy in my life along the way. I did some relaxation for a few months back in 2013 but then stopped it altogether for a long time. I am so fortunate I rediscovered it and how it shaped me as a person. It helped me immensely to manage stress and be happy. Without meditation I can hardly imagine if a “blissful-penguin” would have ever existed. This meditation was one of the key elements in my journey which I discovered much, much later in my life and I am grateful to all the other people that inspired me into doing it. I am really indebted to them – all of them whose inspiration helped me find one of my core potentialities within me.

I have a secret plan than one day I might run a yoga centre where people from all walks of life will come and join and sit in silence for 30 minutes and share their experience to the rest of the group and inspire others and improve their own quality of life.

Then and Now

Glimpses Of the Past

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