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I have a great passion for emerging technologies and their efficient usage and that’s why I explore web development and other related areas on a regular basis. After my graduation in computer science more than a decade ago I pretty much worked the whole time in IT support, web development and customer service. I have been fortunate enough to work with some great teams in the past and I learned a lot from them.

Web Development has never been so easy and robust. But the downside is technologies keep changing all the times and unless you have a deep passion for learning new and emerging technologies, it might be challenging to remain up-to-date. There are tons of performance issues that need to be considered in this age of rapidly enhanced new innovations. Now due to explosion of information technology in the last couple of years I keep up my learning passion by building websites and maintaining them. Sometimes its geeky and boring, and sometimes it’s actually quite fun. On top, I have a very bad habit. My friends and colleagues often say I am fun to work with but from an objective point of view I am a bit sarcastic. I make offhand jokes in pretty much every situations and interactions which can be very annoying and embarrassing to many people. However, owing to my radiant streak of luck, some people actually find it quite amusing and they happen to take no offence in those moments.

So if you want to build a website for your business and get it into the search engine as quickly as possible then I might be of some assistance if you can enjoy my rather innocuous and sometime quiet obnoxious jokes. I am up for a laugh always.

Besides, I can help you with some articles relating to your business and put it on the web with some pictures and other multimedia data to get a more engaging audience.

If the above sound like a deal, then you better shoot me a mail and I will be right back at your service.

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