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Published: February 09, 2022

I recently realized that I haven’t taken many photos around Circular Quay area in Sydney CBD. It was a wonderful day for outdoor photoshoots, and hence I decided to go there. It’s an iconic location with lots of foot traffic. Overseas travellers, professionals, local visitors – all come here to enjoy the picturesque view of the harbours along with the generous sunshine. As I went there, I decided to have a walk around just to familiarise myself with the atmosphere.
In the morning not many people were around and there I noticed her sitting under a tree reading a book. I haven’t approached her yet. I feel somewhat hesitant while people are in their own world. I feel a gut reaction for being too intrusive although that was exactly what I did for one of my recent encounters.

Nonetheless, I was still imagining what place would suit her best should I walk up and convince her to participate. Right under the tree as she was sitting won’t do a good photo as it’s a tree right behind which looks like a pole coming out of the head. I did the same mistake many times previously and hence I was least tempted by that possibility. Then I was thinking about making her to stand. But there again even if she stands the photo would still be somewhat okay(ish) but not as much. And hence, I decided to make her walk somehow. As I figured out people are much livelier and more vibrant as they walk around, talk and share their life stories. Their energy level goes up which helps to bring about wonderful expressions in their faces. So, I waited a bit.

Even from the distance I did notice though her blondish hair. With the sunlight hitting her hair from behind I thought it would be an interesting photo.
Still hesitant I am yet to make an approach. And then suddenly I saw her standing up from under the tree and making a move onto the foot path. And then I seized the moment by stopping her right there and to my utmost delight she smiled and consented as I explained the project and wanted her to be part of it.

So, here is Brianna Chole Jackson. Hailed from Victory with British Ancestry.

Later, during our discourse she revealed of her liking for sunshine and summer which was a dominant factor in her decision to move from Victory to Sydney last year. Born in the North Eastern region of Victoria in a place called Wangaratta, she grew up in the country before moving to this multi-cultural hotspot. Even being raised in the rural environment, it seems like she is very used to moving here into this crowed city life. I didn’t ask her though as to why it doesn’t bother her at all living in a completely different circumstances now compared to what it used to be even just a year ago – perhaps because of her adaptability I thought.

From personal experience, I think people have some affinity to the place that they are born. So, I asked if there is something she misses being in Sydney. “As the drivers pass by the village road, they wave their hands even if they are complete strangers” – she added; a goodwill gesture, I guess.
Owing to the nursing profession of her mom she also perhaps, drifted into medical discipline while choosing neuroscience for her field of study in the uni. Dissection of the dead animals during my biology class in the school was no fun, and hence I avoided them at all costs. Even the entire subject was unappealing to me because from my childhood, I was always afraid of blood and gore being a fainted hearted individual. Furthermore, I had an episode of fainting after I had attended the scene of an unfortunate event that relates to one of my friends almost a decade ago. So, when I enquired about the difficulties of handling someone’s brain during her lab classes, she revealed – to my surprise – of having no such problems and in contrast and to my little amusement, she went on telling me of the only difficulty she had was that she couldn’t handle it (someone’s brain) much last year due to COVID lockdowns. Once again, I was thinking about her adaptability.

Since she was in a very good shape my hunch was, she might be a big fan of diet, or the current trend called cross-fit which is popular among many females these days. However, apart from her work and study she mentioned of her passion for performing ballet dance since she was four. Out of that passion, she now even teaches it to the kids – she added. Although I have never been to a ballet performance so far, I knew that it is difficult to perform ballet due to the feet position as seen in the movies. She acquiesced by adding that wearing of that special flat shoe throughout the performance did put some stress on the toes. However, she is used to it now and as such it is no longer a big issue for her.

She enjoys reading classic books and love to watch movies. When I asked if she would recommend a movie – the fault in our stars was the answer.

We talked about many, many things and even sometimes it was personal. But she came across as friendly and lively. There was hardly a dull moment in our entire conversation which to be frank I enjoyed a lot – looking back now I realize.

All the best and who knows we might come across again and delight each other with comments and banters.

Thank you, Brianna, for joining my project.

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