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welcome to yet another episode

Published: April 21, 2022

To start off the weather was rather excellent this morning and as such I had to put my other priorities aside and with the added advantage of free travel incentives currently being rolled out across opal network in NSW, it was rather an easy decision for me to make as to what I would be doing for next few hours during the day.

Finishing my routine activities in the household, I put my backpack on my shoulders and left. Coming to the station on time I found it rather full. It seemed to me however, that most of the people are still on holidays; kids, elders, moms with suitcase, backpacks, and shopping bags. In fact, while on board I have never seen this many people during off peak hours. Surely the incentives were more than welcome by the commoners. To be frank, with the petrol prices going through the roof it’s rather a hole in the pocket when you fill up the tank so, yes, I definitely welcome the incentives.

Although I managed to get a backseat while onboard, I was constantly eyeing with other people who were sitting just across. It’s also kinda funny though; you are looking at an unknown person and they are looking at you; no talk, no nothing, just looking at each other sometimes longingly, sometimes intrusively. Sometimes they take their eyes off you and sometimes you do; only to catch each other again in a few seconds or minutes – getting caught in turn every now and then; kinda sneaky, kinda funny.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you must know by now what happens to me when I am onboard the train; I fall asleep. But today since I couldn’t fall asleep, I had to do something else. So here is what I did. I took photos of people without asking them. Although I’ve never done it before but this time though I had to make an exception. There is a saying you must have heard – idle brain is the devil’s workshop. Well, now I know why.

Half an hour later – like yesterday – I got off at Museum station to cruise around Hyde Park. The light was gorgeous, the sky was wonderful and all I needed was a suitable subject to come by with sufficient time.
and there I walked and walked and walked; well, just over nine thousand (9000) steps as recorded by my watch faithfully, so, it was not that much walking in absolute terms, but I was definitely enjoying the sunshine at any rate. By the time I went from the Museum Station side all the way to St James side of Hyde Park, walking all along that wonderful path with overhead trees on both sides, it was rather refreshing.

There I noticed her sitting down on a dark brown bench eating lunch – some Japanese food as she mentioned later. What caught my attention was that relaxed fit green trouser she was wearing that popped against the backdrop. Although I feel a visceral reaction not to approach people while on lunch – once again – I had to make an exception (and unlike the previous one I actually made this kind of exceptions a few times in the past!)

I went straight and explained what I was about to. With a few more questions from her, she happily decided to join. It was one of those sweet and short episodes where I would rather get busy people on board. To be precise this was my second attempt in such a venture. The first one was a bit more relaxed but this one definitely is more intrusive.

So, here is Molly Borland. A true Sydneysider being born and raised locally and working nearby. As I mentioned of that green trouser and wanted to know as to what inspired her of wearing it, she mentioned of her “boring” job as a tax lawyer. Since the job is “boring”, the bright colors make up for it by being “exciting” – she remarked.

As our chat went on, we stumbled upon religion for a minute. Being born as catholic, and going into a catholic school during early years, she feels like religion should be part of civilizational discourse. Although, I was very tempted to continue as religion is one my favorite subject to talk about, I decided to quit as she was about to finish her lunch break in about five (5) minutes.

As a parting thought, her younger brother Charlie who is now only fifteen, never got a chance or courage to fight her sister was the only upsetting event that I could think of this encounter as I left.

Later in the afternoon, I went back to Westfields. In the park things are more relaxed, they are happening rather slowly; people are taking their time. Unlike the park, however, now, in the heart of the city, it’s just the opposite – rush and rush; people are moving much faster, and things are happing much quicker. Surprisingly, unlike those previous days, I noticed something totally different: “Alive” is now taking over the area in front of Myers in a festive vibe. There were no tables before but now they placed some of those tables and benches with a colorful paper on top. I was there for about ten- fifteen (10-15) minutes before I called it quits for the day – one more day well spent in midst of unknown people who happen to be at the same place at the same time to enjoy all the drama life has to offer – together.

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